Donald O. Klug Inc. now performs maintenance on all types of septic systems.

Wisconsin State Plumbing Code requires that Privately Owned Wastewater Treatment Systems, (P.O.W.T.S.) be maintained every 2 to 3 years.  Some systems, like Aerobic Treatment Units, (ATU's) need maintenance every 6 to 12 months. 

Using one of the best effluent measuring devices, we can accurately check your tanks and suggest a future service date.

Households that use small amounts of water may not need to be pumped as frequently as households with higher water usage. 

A complete system inspection will cover the following items:

  •  Measure sludge & scum levels in all tanks
  • Inlet & outlet baffles
  •  Clean all effluent filters
  • Pump/float electrical connections
  •  Exterior electrical junction box
  •  Mound systems
  •  In-grounds/Conventional
  • At-grades
  •  Vegetation levels on systems
  •  Observation pipes in system
  •  File all County required paperwork
  •  Recommend the next service date

We will provide you a written report of the inspection.

All manhole risers will need to be exposed by homeowner.

Homeowner is also required to provide access to an outside water source.





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